Teccel (Technology of Cells) is the first polyurethane blank factory in the North / Northeast of Brazil.
It was founded in 1992 to meet a local market demand, at the time lacking in quantity and quality of raw material. The factory uses the same technology of the Australian Surf Blanks, with whom it has partnered and has been in the market for more than 30 years with great international acceptance.

Teccel is today the absolute leader in the polyurethane blank market and its production meets all national demand besides exporting to countries like Portugal, France and the United States. In addition to the blanks, Teccel has four DSD machines, which are installed in Recife, Fortaleza, and in São Paulo, providing greater agility and time to the workshops, thus contributing to the evolution of surfboards in Brazil.

In addition, the factory uses recycled paper to not harm the environment and all chemical waste from the blocks manufacturing process has special garbage collection with government certificate. The stringers used in the blanks manufacturing come from reforested woods, collaborating even more with nature.

The factory now produces blanks for all types of boards, whether they are for small, medium or large waves. Blanks for competition, tow-in, kite surf, fun board, etc.

Quality is Teccel's biggest concern and the experience coupled with the seriousness with which it treats its customers makes the big difference when it comes to choosing.